DH-A series air compressor

Product Detail:

This product utilize high quality,high flow swing piston compressor as power source,providing stable oil-free air source which avoids contaminated oil damaging machines.The components are all of high quality and the compressor is designated to match oxygen generator:high air flow,low noise level,dry and clean gas source,stable operation and automatic control.When the internal pressure of the air cylinder reach the low limit and upper limit,the air compressor will start or stop automatically.The product is suitable for the air source of oxygen generator or air feed ozone generator.

Product Features:

  1. Output gas oil-free,dry and clean and oil removal process is not required.The output gas can be used in food,pharmaceutical,medical etc. 
  2. Low noise level,the noise level is half of traditional piston compressor.
  3. Cooling fan to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.
  4. With automatic water drainage valve,the air receiver is made of stainless steel avoiding rusted water from carbon steel receiver.

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